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Travis Profile

-Travis Barker Biography -

Name :Travis Barker

Birth Name : Travis Landon Barker

Date of Birth : 14 November 1975

Place of Birth : Fontana, California, USA

Height : 5' 9''

Nationality : American

Profession : Musician

Sometimes Called : Blink 182

Travis Barker was born to the parents - Randy & Gloria Barker in Fontana, California, which is located in Saint Bernadino county. Travis Barker grew up in a high crime area, where his father worked as a mechanist and his mother babysat for local kids. Travis Barker started playing the drums at the young age of four (although he didn't get serious until about the age of 12). Travis Barker studied with a jazz teacher and was exposed to all kinds of different music.

Travis Barker was a complete mama's boy. She did everything for him : laundry, made his bed, and helped him with his homework. He had the same drum set untill he was 15. The day before he started highschool, his mother died of cancer(she had been diagnosed three months earlier). She told him to keep playing music and to follow his dreams. When Travis Barker was in high school, he played in jazz ensemble and marching band. He gained a lot of experience performing at regional competitions and festivals. During his senior year, he passed up drum corps tryouts to tour with a rock band. Travis Barker gained a lot of experience performing with a few early rock bands. He finished high school and landed a rather good spot on the aquabats. He was called "Baron Von Tito".

In 1998, Scott Rayner (the first drummer for blink) had to leave for a family emergency before a show and Travis Barker was asked to play. He learned about 20 songs in about an hour. After this, Scott left to go back to college and Travis Barker became a permanent member of Blink. They recorded "Enema of the State" and it soon went platinum. Although song number 10 "Mutt" was recorded by Scott before he left the band. Travis Barker's Blink nickname is "Fuckboy". Along with being in three bands (Blink 182, Box Car Racer and Transplants), he also has his own clothing company (Stars and Straps). He enjoys collecting muscle cars and old bicycles, but he treasures his cadillac collection the most. Travis Barker has an awesome musical talent and he shows it. But, Travis Barker actually is one of the most shy people ever.

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